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Top 10 interesting facts about airports

1. Oldest continuous licensed airport in the UK Yes that’s right, with Harold Piffard flying from here in 1910, Brighton City Airport is the oldest continuous licensed airport in the UK overtaking Gatwick and Heathrow Airport. Brighton City Airport management state that the airport is ‘the oldest continuous licensed airport in the UK. The terminal […]

UK Drone users to sit safety tests under new law

Drone users will have to take safety awareness tests under new measures to tackle irresponsible and illegal use of the technology. The Government have announced future plans which will see UK Drone users take safety awareness tests before being allowed to operate them. The popularity of drones has risen rapidly in recent years with this […]

Drones Safety

With over 100,000 drones being sold during Christmas last year, this year is even predicted to sell more. Whilst getting a drone for Christmas would make a great present, a lot of people will be flying them without applying the proper information and rules that are presented. The popularity of drones in recent years has […]