Drones Safety

With over 100,000 drones being sold during Christmas last year, this year is even predicted to sell more. Whilst getting a drone for Christmas would make a great present, a lot of people will be flying them without applying the proper information and rules that are presented. The popularity of drones in recent years has resulted as a huge safely problem to airports. Flying a drone close to an airport can lead to damage or danger to planes when flying. In July this year, a number of flights had to be diverted from Gatwick due to a drone.

Our aim is to spread the message of drone safety to help prevent accidents and delays. Whilst drones are great fun and have many benefits, please remember to apply the rules and use it in a safe environment! Check out an article on a guide to drone safety and for more information – http://3dinsider.com/drone-safety-uk/


Scott Collie – New Atlas

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