UK Drone users to sit safety tests under new law

Drone users will have to take safety awareness tests under new measures to tackle irresponsible and illegal use of the technology.

The Government have announced future plans which will see UK Drone users take safety awareness tests before being allowed to operate them. The popularity of drones has risen rapidly in recent years with this Christmas expecting to sell more than ever. This has resulted in thousands of drone users flying them without any proper training. Drone technology is constantly improving making it more affordable and better to use for users. The introduction of a draft drone bill will be published next spring.

The new law will see owner of drones weighing more than 250g, have to register their drone and sit safety awareness tests in order to operate them in a safe environment. In addition, the bill will give police the right to ground or to seize drone parts to prove the device has been used to commit a crime.

National Police Chief’s Council lead for criminal misuse of drones, Serena Kennedy stated that “Police forces are aware of the ever increasing use of drones by members of the public and we are working with all relevant partners to understand the threats that this new technology can pose when used irresponsibly or illegally. Do not take this lightly – if you use a drone to invade people’s privacy or engage in disruptive behaviour, you could face serious criminal charges”.

In addition, regarding airports – The new regulations could see banning drones from flying near airports or above 400ft. Currently, the regulations applied is that drones weighing more than 7kg can’t be flown above 400ft, and they must always be in the pilot’s line of sight.

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