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Aerodrome Safeguarding

Aerodrome Safeguarding

Please click this link to access a PDF with more information: CAP 738 Safeguarding of Aerodromes 
Please click this link to access a PDF with more information: Advice Note 3: Wildlife Hazards 2016

Cranes and Construction locally

In addition to a requirement to notify Brighton City Airport management of any cranes operating within 10 kms (circa 6 miles) of the Airport (see notification process), it should be noted that a recent change to the Air Navigation Order resulted in a mandatory requirement to notify the UK CAA of all cranes of a height of 100m Above Ground Level (AGL) and more.

Please use this link for the latest crane notification guidance and advice:

The document here SMS-14 Contractors Crane Operation Notification Form Rev5.1 Interim gives guidance on the notification process to be followed for cranes and construction in the local vicinity of the Airport.  If in doubt, please contact the Airport for advice and guidance.

Having determined that an application for crane operation is required, please complete the application form found here ASL-006 BCAL Crane Permit Application and submit to the Airport.

SUA & Drone Safety

Brighton City Airport management is aware of the increase of drones, unmanned air vehicles and model aircraft (which collectively are known as Small Unmanned Aircraft – SUA) being used for business and leisure activities.  Concern was raised about the safety of flying a SUA within the vicinity of an airport and its potential interaction with the fixed-wing and rotary-wing activities found operating routinely at many airports.  This concern resulted in the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) introducing a Flight Restriction Zone (FRZ) around every UK aerodrome.

Brighton City Airport aims to prevent accidents and incidents by promoting safe operations of SUA and, in particular, within 5 kilometres (circa 3 miles) of the Airport.  We ask that owners/operators of SUA who would like to fly their machine in the vicinity of the Airport read the Notification Process and complete Parts 1 to 4 of the Application Form.

Three actions to complete before flying your SUA

  • Recognise and understand the current UK laws and rules (regularly check for updates)
  • Recognise and understand the CAA Drone and Model Aircraft Code
  • Complete an Application Form and obtain written permission from the airport authority before flying the SUA

Pilots/operators of the SUA should follow the Notification Process and complete Parts 1 to 4 of the Application Form and submit to Air Traffic Control.  If you are uncertain about what action to take, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please use the links below:

BCAL SUA & Drone Notification Process Jan 2022

Drone Template Application – Jan 2022

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