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Flight Arrivals & Departures

Brighton City Airport is very busy with many arrivals and departures every day.
Please see below for a list of the flights expected today.


Call Sign Time From Status
GAVLO (Local) Landed
GRAVN (Local) Landed
GOCCF (Local) Landed
N71UK Liverpool (John Lennon) Landed
JFA03X Rennes Landed
GFTAF (Local) Landed
GBBYB (Local) Landed
GEXPO Bournemouth Landed
GWARY (Circuit) Landed
GBTKT (Local) Landed
GBNNY (Local) Landed
GPM91F (Local) Landed
GFTAC (Local) Landed
GBZVB (Local) Landed
GBJCA (Circuit) Landed
GOCCF (Local) Landed
GEKKL (Local) Landed
GRAVN (Local) Landed
GWARY (Local) Landed
GFLOE (Local) Landed
GBBYB (Local) Landed
GCHIP Lee-on-Solent Landed
GBMIW (Local) Landed
GIZZZ Compton Abbas Landed
GWARY (Local) Landed
GBBYB (Local) Landed
GAXTA Sandown (Isle of Wight) Landed
BRN003 Private Landing Site - United Kingdom Landed


Call Sign Time To Status
BRN003 Private Landing Site - United Kingdom Departed
GFTAF (Local) Departed
GEXPO Bournemouth Departed
GRAVN (Local) Departed
GBHZE Bicester Departed
GBTKT (Local) Departed
GOCCF (Local) Departed
GAVLO (Local) Departed
GWARY (Circuit) Departed
GBBYB (Local) Departed
GPM91F (Local) Departed
GBNNY (Local) Departed
GBZVB (Local) Departed
GBJCA (Local) Departed
GRJRC Llanbedr Departed
GFTAC (Local) Departed
GCHIP Bembridge (Isle of Wight) Departed
GOCCF (Local) Departed
GEKKL (Local) Departed
GIZZZ Compton Abbas Departed
GWARY (Local) Departed
GRAVN (Local) Departed
GFLOE (Local) Departed
GBBYB (Local) Departed
JFA06H Nice / Cote D'Azur Departed
GAXTA Sandown (Isle of Wight) Departed
GBMIW (Local) Departed
GWARY (Local) Departed
GBBYB (Local) Departed
GBFRV (Local) Departed
GEKKL Sandown (Isle of Wight) Departed
GOMAO (Local) Departed
GOCCG (Circuit) Departed
GFTAF (Local) -
N71UK Liverpool (John Lennon) -
GVALK Leeds -
GVALK Jersey -


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