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COVID-19 – Brighton City Airport Status Update 1/08/2020

The latest easing of the restrictions to GA flying on 24 July 2020, are described in: All of the resident flying schools have their own procedures in place to make their aircraft and operations COVID-Secure. All BCAL operational staff are now back at work, albeit a few have still to complete refresher training, and it appears that confidence in visiting the Hummingbird Restaurant is increasing. It is pleasing to see a more positive feeling about GA operations permeating the UK GA airfields and we note the recent appearance of several aircraft from the European GA community.

We recognise the potential for a change in circumstances that could affect this positivity and thus we will continue to be prudent in assessing how further easing of local restrictions might be introduced. Meanwhile, we shall maintain the COVID-19 mitigation measures in the Terminal and ‘airside’ for the foreseeable future. The safe movement of people in and around the Terminal is important and we trust that visitors, staff and tenants will respect the flows and social distancing we have put in place. Regrettably, the closure of the Gallery and the Shoreham Airport Collection to the public has to continue for the time being; but, it is under regular review and we will allow access to these amenities as soon as we can.

Please also note the following:

  • With effect from 1 August, the opening hours of the airfield have reverted to those published in the UK AIP.
  • Operations ’Out of Hours’ can be supported upon request.
  • CAT 2 Fire cover is available with CAT 3 on remission.
  • Minimum social distancing measures, in place since 1 April, must be applied on the ‘airside’. It is expected that responsible owners and operators shall have completed their own risk assessment for planned air operations and will respect the guidance/golden rules issued by the government.
  • Jet A1 and AVGAS is available. It is appreciated that at times it can get busy at the pumps and we ask for your forbearance and to exercise patience. We request that payment be made by card only. Sorry, no cash transaction possible at the moment. Account holders may make fuel purchases in the normal way.

If you have yet to visit Shoreham this summer, then keep a watch on when the next Flash Fly-in is announced and we hope to see you soon.