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COVID-19 – Brighton City Airport Status Update 14/4/2021

A further update on the Coronavirus (COVID-19): General Aviation (GA) guidance was issued by HM Government on 29 March. Full text of the latest government guidance for GA can be found at We recommend that those aviators who have not flown for some considerable time read the CAA literature (CAP1919 and CAP 1925) on how to return to flying safely.

The Airport is operating to the published hours and providing services as notified in the UK AIP.  Although the Airport has reverted to the pre-COVID arrangements operationally, COVID-19 mitigation measures continue to be applied ‘airside’ and the Airport Terminal remains closed to casual visitors. Rules on social distancing should be respected and face coverings are required when visiting the Fire Station and inside the Airport Terminal. The Hummingbird restaurant opened this morning and is operating in accordance with government guidelines.  It is understood that it will operate Wednesday to Sunday with outside table service available when the weather permits.  A pop-up Café to the east of the Transair building is also providing refreshments throughout the week.

We continue to support those who need to fly and respectfully remind visiting aviators to note the PPR and for resident pilots that PPR applies to circuit training.  Do read the EGKA NOTAMs for the latest information and be cognisant of the public information campaign to help prevent the R number increasing: HANDS, FACE, SPACE.