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COVID-19 – Brighton City Airport Status Update 1/10/2020

A further update of the restrictions to GA flying was issued in September which can be found in: As well as reinforcing the general principles of carrying out risk assessments, social distancing and good hygiene, it also set out expectations for face coverings in enclosed areas and large gatherings. The safe movement of people in and around the Terminal is important and we trust that visitors, staff and tenants will respect the flows and social distancing and wear face coverings. Regrettably, the Gallery and the Shoreham Airport Collection remain closed to the public and we intend to allow access to these amenities as soon as we can.

The COVID-19 mitigation measures remain for ‘airside’ operations. It is expected that responsible owners and operators shall have completed their own risk assessment for planned air operations at the Airport and will respect the guidance/golden rules issued by the government. When visiting the Fire Station to pay fees, please wear a face covering.

Jet A1 and AVGAS is available and payment must be made by card or on account (for those with authorised accounts). Sorry, no cash transaction possible at the moment.

The autumn has arrived and although the daylight hours are getting shorter, there is still opportunity to plan a PPR flight and the Hummingbird restaurant is open daily from 0700 to 1700.