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ATC Availability

COVID-19 – Brighton City Airport Status Update 19/5/2021

A further update on the Coronavirus (COVID-19): General Aviation (GA) guidance was issued by HM Government on 17 May. Full text of the latest government guidance for GA can be found at  GA flying at Shoreham can take place in line with the restrictions and rules on gatherings.

The Airport is operating to the published hours and providing services as notified in the UK AIP.  Rules on social distancing should be respected and face coverings are required when visiting the Fire Station and inside the Airport Terminal. The Hummingbird restaurant is now fully open and operating in accordance with government guidelines and the pop-up Café 8 located to the east of the Transair building is also providing refreshments throughout the week.

We welcome the return to seasonal norms for flying, but ask that pilots act responsibly, for example by avoiding noise-sensitive and built-up areas to avoid people becoming concerned by the increase in airfield activity.  Do read the EGKA NOTAMs for the latest information and please apply good COVID-Secure practices: HANDS, FACE, SPACE.