What a treat

A visit from a Beagle Pup which took its first ever flight from the airport 50 years ago today!

We love it when we have unique visitors, and this aircraft is no exception. The photos featured here are of a Beagle Pup which flew its first flight here 50 years ago today. The owner has kept the aircraft in fantastic condition and despite upgrading the controls has tried to be sympathetic to the aircraft’s original interior.

The weather forecast for today was snow, and so we’re so glad that instead, we have such a lovely day and that the aircraft could make the trip down from Coventry where it has been living for 33 years.

This beauty was number 32 on the production line and was built here at the airport.

Beagle, which stands for British Executive And General Aviation Limited, began in the early 20th century by F. G. Miles, whose father owned the Star Model Laundry in Portslade.

The Beagle Pup was designed as a single-engined all-metal two-seat aerobatic aircraft or a four-seat touring aircraft. The prototype Pup (a Series 1 G-AVDF) first flew from Shoreham Airport on 8 April 1967. Soon after, more powerful Pup 150s, with seating for an extra adult, was flown in October 1967.

This aircraft specifically took its first flight on 30 January 1969, and we wonder how it flew today by comparison. How nice it is that it’s been cared for and maintained for so long.

More information and the story behind F.G.Miles was featured here on the website, following a visit from a Mile Mercury, (also built here). Click here to read more.