Welcome to Brighton City Airport

We are the oldest continuous licensed airport in the UK with Harold Piffard courageously flying from here in 1910. The airport stays true to its founders’ vision in the early 1900s: to create an aerodrome that could be available for expert and student aviators of all nations.

 We are open 7 days a week, have 4 runways (including grass and tarmac), 6 helipads, and provide ATC and full fire cover throughout our hours of operation.

The airport is incredibly busy, with around 50,000 movements per year. We welcome a diverse range of aircraft on a daily basis, providing an important gateway to the south coast.

The airport features hangarage, parking and competitive rates for those that base their aircraft here. If you plan to charter an aircraft and fly into our airport, be sure to ask us for more information about our bespoke handling service and our passenger, crew and executive travel facilities.

Be sure to take a look at our live Runway Cam which captures aircraft taking off and landing on Runway 02.


Live Runway Cam

Live Runway Cam

View live footage of takeoffs and landings on our longest runway.

Indemnity Scheme for Resident Aircraft

It has become necessary to completely revise the old indemnity and out of hours scheme and put a new one in place…

Fly for Business or Pleasure

Close to London, France and the South Downs National Park, with some of the best weather in the UK, what more could a pilot ask?

Air Ground procedures at Brighton City Airport


When obtaining PPR, pilots are to confirm that they are conversant with all of the points listed in the AGCS guide, and are prepared to operate under these terms.

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