Executive Travel

Add handling to your visit to our airport and our dedicated and friendly staff will take care of all the passengers, crew members and aircraft needs. Whether it’s a taxi for your onward travel or simply croissants and a paper on arrival, our handling team are here to offer you the extra level of assistance.

Fly for Business or Pleasure

A true place of leisure, with stunning views and plenty to see and do, Brighton City Airport is possibly the area’s best kept secret. Charter a helicopter or private jet here or from here for an important event or business meeting or treat a loved one to a special surprise.

Aerodrome Documents and Safeguarding


Safety is our first priority at the airport, we are open 7 days a week and provide ATC and full fire cover throughout our hours of operation. Click here to access all our important safety documents, notices and procedures.

Air Ground procedures at Brighton City Airport


When obtaining PPR, pilots are to confirm that they are conversant with all of the points listed in the AGCS guide, and are prepared to operate under these terms.