We are delighted to be partnered with Weston Aviation, who can provide a private jet, helicopter or air taxi as a cost effective means of travelling for either business or pleasure.


Brighton City Airport hosts aircraft and helicopters for private charter. You can fly to a heliport in the centre of London in 20 minutes or to countless destinations throughout the UK and further into Continental Europe.

Whether flying for business or pleasure, we have exceptional handling facilities to enhance your journey.  Please see our Executive Handling information for more details.

Charter an aircraft from Brighton City Airport and avoid the congestion and hassle of using the mainstream commercial airports in the South-East.  The ad-hoc charter of a private aircraft provides unparalleled convenience and a less stressful experience, allowing you to fly to airports located closer to your ultimate destination.  The Airport location, on the periphery of the busy London airspace, enables ready access to the local air routes with the minimum of fuss and a swift departure.

You choose who you travel with, when you go, where you go, when you return with absolute flexibility.